Limited edtion dust jackets for the books Stencil Republic and The Street Art Stencil Book

Dr D


The acronym Dr. D reads as ‘doctored’. And, like the verb suggests, Dr. D changes the appearance of posters and billboards in order to subvert their messages. He recalls Ron English’s practice of altering billboards, reported in Naomi Klein’s No Logo, as the primary source of inspiration for his actions: ‘If you want to put across some sort of socio-political message, then you use the tools that corporations or governments would use and bend them for your own end’.

Since 1999, his practice has consisted of playing with anagrams and puns, created by cutting and pasting from existing billboards. But often he also starts from scratch. Stencils give him a cost-effective way of spreading his work and also the freedom to make posters that fit any shape. One of Dr. D’s most popular ‘signatures’ is the H.M.P. (Her Majesty’s Prison) London stencil that he started using in 2006.


Dr D