Limited edtion dust jackets for the books Stencil Republic and The Street Art Stencil Book

Rene Gagnon


Rene Gagnon started writing graffiti in 1985, but stopped on entering college in 1993. The street as a component of his creative path reappeared when the artist rented a studio and began using graffiti techniques for what he now defines ‘post- graffiti abstract expressionism’.

‘The raw grittiness of under-executed stencils is what draws me to stencilling’ Gagnon declares. The fast execution allowed is an important aspect of it. In fact Gagnon defines his artistic impulse as a proper ‘rush’. It is what he felt in his younger years roaming around at night tagging his name everywhere. He still feels that same rush even when working with great intensity on studio works. Gagnon considers both his studio and street works as part of a cyclic creative process, the two mutually feeding off each other.


Rene Gagnon